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What's on the site?

Hello. My name is Neal and I welcome you to this site.

Here you will find podcasts on technology, with a special emphasis on how this technology works for persons who are blind.

There will also be discussions and individual stories from people who are dealing with sight loss and blindness. How have they developed their sense of self-worth and how can their stories help others?

You will also find interviews with experts and stories from individuals who have experienced things like child abuse, homelessness, incarceration, mental illness, the loss of a loved-one, and so much more. Again, how can their stories help others cope with these issues?

My thoughts on some of the above issues will appear in the "Commentaries" section.

In short, you will hear from people who have lived very positive lives in the face of all manner of things that one would think would put them down. You will meet some amazing people who have much to say about the health of our world. One such person may very well be you. I would love to tell your story either through an interview with you or something you have written or recorded that just might make a difference in people's lives. More on how you can help will be coming soon.

Lastly, I welcome your ideas for things you would like to see on this site.

I hope you enjoy your stay here.

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