The Giant and the King

This very short story tells of a truth that is so very simple, and yet it is often not recognized by those who may need it most.

The Giant

Making Products Accessible from the Beginning

I wrote this commentary a number of years ago. while a few companies have gotten better at this, most of the ones I know of still try to add accessibility at the end. It mostly doesn't work.

Making products Accessible from the Beginning

Slowing Down Time

Sometimes life seems to go by so quickly. I have noticed this even more the older I get. Here is a strategy I try to follow. I find that if I can remember to do it, it works for me. It may be of use to others as well.

Slowing Down Time

Learning about Echo Location

Many persons who are blind can get around quite well by listening to the echoes triggered by noises made by the person and then observing the differences in the echoes that bounce back to them. It amazes me how well this can work. It also amazes me that not all persons who are blind have this ability. True, many people who lose their sight later in life find it hard to develop this ability. Many people who are born blind never develop it.

Perhaps in interviews I conduct with lots of people I may learn more about this and other interesting things. So, stay tuned.

Here is how it happened for me.

Learning About Echoes

Are We Afraid of Silence?

It seems like each time I go out to eat, or go to a concert, the noise I hear is so much louder than it used to be. But it isn't just audible noise. We spend lots of time texting on our smart phones to people all over the world, and sometimes people in the very same room with us. Our minds are active, but our words may be few in number. It reminds me of the day I had lunch with a friend at Gallaudet University whose student body is made up largely of persons who are deaf. The room was absolutely silent except for the noise of silverware on plates. Have we replace sign language with smart phones? I've been in rooms where people are silently texting and playing games on their smart devices, and yet their minds are anything but silent.

As I see it, there is both audible and mental noise, and I am not sure we do a very good job of finding time to withdraw enough from eather to really appreciate the benefits of having a quiet, restful moment to unwind. If too much mental and audible noise can be harmful to our ears and our brains, perhaps it's time we found a quiet place every once in a while and just chilled.

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